Nasser Hussain Reckons Joe Root Should Consider Promoting Himself To Get Back In Form

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Published - 11 July 2023 | Updated - 11 July 2023

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Nasser Hussain Reckons Joe Root Should Consider Promoting Himself To Get Back In Form

In light of the injury to Ollie Pope, the English cricket team is caught in a predicament. Pope's absence at the crucial number three position for the upcoming Ashes 2023 test in Manchester has the team searching for a suitable stand-in. Their experiments with various players, however, have proven fruitless. In this dilemma, former England captain, Nasser Hussain, has proposed a rather interesting solution: England's star player, Joe Root, should consider batting at number three.

Root's Potential Promotion Could Be Game-Changer

Joe Root, famed as one of England's most exceptional cricketers and a contender for the country's greatest-ever batter, previously batted at number three. He later consciously decided to bat at number four, which led to a significant period of success. Hussain, however, is of the opinion that Root's return to number three could bring stability to England's batting lineup in this critical time. While it's true that Root's record at number three falls short compared to his performance at number four, Hussain is firm in his belief that Root has what it takes to rise to the occasion. Root's standout form and reputation as England's primary batsman make him a prime contender for this position. Hussain backs his argument by highlighting Root's adaptability, technique, and skills, which he believes will help the star player excel in the third position.

Hussain Urges Root to Consider Position Shift

Former England captain, Nasser Hussain, has strongly advocated for Joe Root to bat at number three. Recently, he stated:
"I’d be trying to convince Joe Root to bat at No.3. He said before the game (third Test) actually, Joe, in the press conference, 'I’m quite happy to move to No.3'. He’s England’s best player. He will end up England’s greatest-ever batter, and that’s where he should be coming in, one down."

Root's Shift Could Provide Much-Needed Stability

The injury to Pope and the following unsuccessful trials with other players such as Moeen Ali at number three have only amplified the need for an experienced player like Root to take on the challenge and bring some much-needed solidity to the batting lineup. Hussain's proposition finds its basis in Root's potential to solidify England's middle order. Given his consistent performance and immense talent, Root's move to number three could be the game-changer the team needs. As the Ashes series unfolds, it has proven to be a spectacle. England's exhilarating 3-wicket victory over Australia in the third Test has turned the tide of the series. The penultimate Test match holds great significance and can dictate the final outcome of the series. Both teams, eager for glory, will pull out all the stops to seize the Ashes. In conclusion, Joe Root's potential promotion to the number three spot may be a defining move for England in the forthcoming Ashes 2023 test in Manchester. Despite a slightly weaker track record at number three, Root's skill, form, and adaptability make him the prime choice for the role. As the series hangs in balance, England hopes that Root's potential shift to number three would lend their batting lineup the stability and strength it requires, empowering them to stand against Australia's onslaught in the upcoming pivotal Test match.

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